Radio Ajo: Humble Beginnings

Originally posted on Radio Ajo:

Months ago, a small group of Ajo community members gathered together at the Oasis Cafe to hatch the idea of an internet-based community radio station. Coffee works wonders in making the impossible seem plausible. The group researched the equipment needed for the project, along with logistical aspects such as studio set-up and internet access. Now the project is ready to grow legs. Aside from the new “Ajo Observer” site, the Ajo Copper News has been the major media source for news and events around the community. The paper does a great job of informing the community, as well as providing updates on programs and events. The community of Ajo certainly benefits from the Copper News. However, the paper cannot be expected to be a shared, community-owned communication tool. For that, we look to the possibilities in community radio.
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