The End of RapidShare

Back in 2008 I met a gentleman on Craigslist who sold me a graphics card and some RAM for my computer. During the exchange of hardware for cash we got to talking about some of the online communities we participated in. While I had a small collection of LOST and Star Wars forums I visited (and one site which Rules 1 and 2 of the internet prevent me from mentioning) he told me about a site he frequented called Not knowing what to expect I joined the site and discovered it was a hub for file sharing.
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The Age of Beige Case Design

Tonight I found myself planning what I’d be throwing out in this weekend’s round of spring cleaning. I came across and old computer a friend had given me which they bought during the initial Windows XP release. I couldn’t find a manufacturer anywhere on the case and the only clues I had regarding its age were the Windows XP sticker and the fact that it is beige. Nothing says the 90s like a beige PC case. I’d guess the computer is twelve years old since the product key sticker does not show that it’s for Windows XP SP1 which was released a year after Windows XP.
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Windows 10: A Slice of the Pi

I’m currently suffering from a bad cold, the flu, or strep throat and it’s not out of the question that I’m going through a very minor case of serious hallucination. Between my periods of unconsciousness, as my body fought off whatever the hell is inside me, I would check my texts, emails, and Facebook. As I was going through my Facebook News Feed I saw one friend share a post stating there was a new Raspberry Pi and it will be able to run Windows 10 for the Internet of Things (IoT). Further this version of Windows 10 would be free! FREE!
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Empowering Us All

I found this year’s Super Bowl very disappointing and not only because the Seahawks lost. The commercials this year weren’t as good as I had hoped they would be either. “I came here to laugh not to feel.” This was a sentiment expressed by quite a few people on the internet and I couldn’t agree more. I can count on one hand the number of times I laughed during the commercials this year but at least one of the Microsoft ads was interesting.
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