After work today I stopped by the grocery store to see what I could find for dinner. Once I gathered my food, like the modern-day hunter-gatherer I grew up to be, I chose to bypass the long lines of the 15 Items or Less counters and instead made my way to the less occupied standard checkout counters. I arrived to find a woman debating the price of something with the clerk. Following the Duchess of Coupons was an elderly man patiently waiting with his groceries already on the conveyor. Seeing me approach the man silently placed the divider bar between his groceries and mine. I smiled and thanked him and patiently waited while the woman ahead of us continued to press her case.
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A couple of weeks ago I found a pretty good Craigslist deal on an HP ProLiant N40L MicroServer for $100. Not bad considering the same model was available on eBay for $150+ before adding the cost of shipping. After discovering the deal I figured it was a good time to upgrade from my Acer EasyStore H341 I purchased all those years ago. While the EasyStore was still functional I noticed that it was struggling with CentOS 7. This isn’t surprising considering the hardware was designed to support the original Windows Home Server what with its 1.66GHz Atom processor and 1GB of RAM. So what does one do with this box?
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Back to That Familiar Place

Wow. It has been 46 days since my last post… Well enough of that. I’ve been very busy this past month-and-a-half dealing with work and such that I haven’t had time to write. Regardless I have spent some time looking over my website and feeling that something wasn’t quite right about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it until one night I had a realization: I wanted it to be more than it was supposed to be.
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