What’s All the Ruckus?

A few months back I was sitting at my desk working on getting my Surface ready for the upgrade to Windows 10. There were a few files I wanted to save and rather than copy them over to a flash drive I opted to simply copy them to a network share I had setup on my desktop. I began the transfer and turned my attention to my desktop where I could get some work done while I waited for the files to copy over. It was then I noticed something peculiar: both my wireless mouse and keyboard were lagging on their input. I was momentarily perplexed when I remembered something my friend Nacho had told me at work, “Most home wireless routers operate on the 2.4GHz frequency. Know what else operates on that frequency? Wireless peripherals. Microwave ovens. Bluetooth. Phones.”
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You Killed My LastPass

“Hello. My name is Antonio Nogales. You killed my LastPass. Prepare to die.”

Okay so maybe I’m being a little too dramatic but having recently read that LastPass has been purchased by LogMeIn has me a little concerned. What would the future look like for LastPass now that ownership was changing hands? While I was originally content to wait and see what the future would hold for the famous freemium password management service, the comments I’ve read on Reddit have spurred me into action.
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