Home Media Server: The Operating System

I’ve recently been writing about my home media server. I had last stated that the performance gains I’d get using Linux over Windows would make the former the definite choice operating system. I had since then done more research into this and discovered the current Plex minimum requirements call for a Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz processor and my HP N40L server has an AMD Turion II Neo N40L 1.5 Ghz processor. This makes my server woefully inadequate for transcoding for which Plex recommends a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz process for 1080p transcoding.
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Farewell to Betty

One of the phrases I grew tired of hearing this week from some of the snow birds was, “Typical Ajo.” Yes, I understand that our community has its shortcomings due to being so remote but you chose to come here. At one point I had a guy about my age throw that “Typical Ajo” phrase in my face and I had half a mind to tell him that there were two roads leading out of town and he was free to take either one. I held my tongue though. See that? Maturity.
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Dusting Off That Old RadioShack Uniform

I arrived in Ajo last Thursday intending to stay until Sunday afternoon, but my visit to K-5 Enterprises changed those plans for the better. My friend Tony Montes asked if I was willing to help out at the store for a week and, given my present work situation, I was more than willing! As my day started, after an intense morning at another job, I was excited to put on my old RadioShack uniform and check-in to K-5 Enterprises. It didn’t take long for me to get caught up with the changes to the processes since I had left back in 2012. In fact I had described it to Tony as being, “like riding a bike.” In fact it was pretty cool to see the way things had progressed in the three years since I left.
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The Cloud Backup Arrived Just Before You Did

Those who’ve asked know that I love my Windows Phone. While it is lacking in the app space compared to its competition, I find that the user interface is superior to what iOS and Android offer. Unfortunately, with Verizon having abandoned the platform I find myself bracing for that day when the inevitable end of my Windows Phone journey takes place. However today is not that day.
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Home Media Server: Choosing The Operating System

With the new hardware setup, the time came for me to decide what OS I was going to use. My gut suggested CentOS 7 but because the hard drives holding my movies and TV shows on my desktop were pooled using Microsoft’s Storage Spaces technology I would be unable to mount them in CentOS. Going the CentOS route means having to dismantle the Storage Spaces which would take time.
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Home Media Server: The New, Used Hardware

A few weeks after I had moved to Tucson, I found myself browsing Craigslist and I stumbled upon a fellow selling his microserver. While I knew I didn’t need this HP ProLiant N40L server I couldn’t help but feel a bit of envy at the specs when compared to my older Acer EasyStore H341. I had previously written about installing CentOS 7 on the Acer around this time in January and over time it seemed that the server was running a little slower than when it was running CentOS 6.4. Checking the FAQ I saw that the end of life for CentOS 6 is on November 30, 2020 while CentOS 7 stops getting updated on June 30, 2024. It’s a little insane of me to look at the hardware on the Acer and say that the OS that loses support four years from now is somehow inadequate.
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Meeting on the Go

Recently I had made plans to visit Ajo but rather than driving there myself I opted for the more economical solution of taking the bus from Tucson. A \$15 price tag for a round trip was hard to argue with considering a tank of gas costs me at least \$40. Once I had made my plans and purchased my ticket I got a call from work asking if we could have a meeting over Skype on not only the day of but the time that I would have already left my apartment. In the past I would have had to cancel one or the other but this is 2016 so technology is on our side!
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