Codecademy: Animating My Name

I got an email today from Codecademy with the subject line “A fun little project…”. Intrigued, I decided to check out this project which turned out to be writing a program which animates your name. The objective of this program is to assemble my name with bubbles which would scatter away and then reassemble when my mouse moved over them. The goal of this project was to teach me JavaScript and then apply it to begin writing this program.
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BitLocker: The Missing Relock Feature

About a year or so ago, I purchased a Mediasonic ProBox SATA Hard Drive enclosure into which I installed two 2TB drives and a single 3TB drive. The two 2TBs were combined into a simple Storage Space with no resiliency in order to act as a single 4TB hard drive. This 4TB Storage Space was, in turn, encrypted with BitLocker for two reasons. First, should my home be broken into and the enclosure stolen, my data would be secure from the bad guys who could, at best, wipe the hard drives. Second, encrypting my Storage Space with BitLocker served as a hedge against ransomware. Since CryptoLocker and members of its family can’t encrypt files locked inside of encrypted volumes, to the best of my knowledge, then it would make sense for me to keep my data archive locked inside a BitLocker-encrypted volume and only open it when I needed to retrieve something.
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Networks of Mass Distraction: Google+

The final social network I wanted to write about in this series came from Google who released its interest-based social network Google+ in December of 2011. I was excited to have the Facebook competitor upon us and it wasn’t long before I announced my intentions to leave Facebook. I even went so far as to change my profile photo on Facebook to reflect this. I would move back into Facebook a month or two later but I still feel it deserves a mention.
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Networks of Mass Distraction: Facebook

Yesterday I had gone into some detail about my experiences with MySpace and what drove me away from it to Facebook. Where MySpace suffered from some poor design choices and stagnated due to its corporate overlords, Facebook had proved that it was willing to give users features they wanted. During those early days, Facebook was relatively unpopulated by my family and friends from MySpace. Over time I began to reconnect with those MySpace contacts on Facebook where we had a much better platform to communicate over.
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Networks of Mass Distraction: MySpace

I had written yesterday about the reasons behind my decision to disconnect from Facebook. In reality, it’s more about disengaging from social media in general. I find social networks are useful tools for staying up-to-date with friends and family but I began to see I was spending far too much time engaging all the while not accomplishing tasks I set for myself. While the tragedy in Orlando may have been the catalyst for my departure, the true reasons for my wanting to take a break have more to do with the distractions Facebook provided in general.
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A Man Has No Name

I remember first starting up my Facebook account late in September of 2007 at Travis Merrick’s insistence. In those days I remember thinking that MySpace would be the only social network I would ever need and that Facebook wouldn’t even come close to having as many users. A few months later, I remember there being a sort of mass exodus from MySpace as people began adopting Facebook. Eight years later, MySpace has gone through a number of different owners and has practically been forgotten and Facebook is the home of over a billion active users.
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Going on an Adventure

It has officially been a year since I moved from Ajo back to Tucson. This was a move I had originally made in 2008 just months after my high school graduation. Having enrolled at Pima Community College and found work at American Home the future seemed bright! Suddenly the housing bubble had burst and I, working in a business that relied heavily on the housing market, found myself out of work due to American Home filing for bankruptcy. Unable to continue paying for school, I said goodbye to all the new friends I had made and retreated to Ajo to wait out the Great Recession.
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