Become a Front-End Web Developer

I have finally completed the Become a Front-End Web Developer learning path on! I was tempted to make this post’s featured image a screenshot of Frodo and Sam on the slopes of Mount Doom after they destroyed the ring thinking to myself, “It’s over. It’s done.” Then I thought about it some more and I realized, to quote Count Dooku in his duel with Yoda on Geonosis, “This is just the beginning!”


The day consisted of completing the last two courses of this developer path: Learn React.js: The Basics and Sass Essential Training. The React.js course with Eve Porcello covered the basics of the JavaScript library and used it to create a sticky note web app. As with all things JavaScript at the moment, a little more exposure would be very helpful. As it stands, I’m not comfortable commenting on anything about this but I’ll be looking for some hands-on experience after this.

Finally, I watched the Sass Essential Training course with Ray Villalobos. My understanding of Sass is that it’s an extension of CSS and adds some useful functionality. One of these features is the ability to add variables in the place of CSS values. Where this comes in especially useful, from the examples I saw, was in defining colors through the site. Rather than defining each element with a color, you can assign a color value with a variable and define those variables at the beginning of the CSS file. What this achieves is the ability to change a whole series of element’s color by editing a single line of code. I realize I’m comprehending a small bit of what Sass is capable of but you have to crawl before you can run.


With this done, I have completed this thirteen course learning path on Front-End web development. I’m really interested in becoming a full-stack web developer and that learning path is 69 hours long. Additional paths I’m interested in include Become a Junior WordPress Developer, Become a User Experience Designer, and Become a Web Designer. My intention is to take all these learning paths in the coming weeks so the question is, “Which learning path will I take next?” One thing is for certain: This is just the beginning!