Responsive Design Fundamentals

Tonight I completed a short course titled Responsive Design Fundamentals instructed by my favorite of the instructors, so far, James Williamson. This course was only 2h 15m long and was basically an overview of the concepts that fueled responsive design. It was nice to have a basic overview of how this worked and the pros and cons of the various techniques of how to accomplish this. Admittedly, while I didn’t know anything going into the course, I found myself dreading the amount of work that goes into making a site properly responsive. With a bit of practice, I feel what I see today as a monumental task will eventually become second nature.

A piece of advice Williamson imparted was to determine whether the user would be better served by a responsive website or an app on the platform. Apart from that, this is a chore I’m going to have to get used to since counting on limited screen resolutions is no longer something we can do. In this world we have screens of varying resolutions and pixel densities that responsive design is a must at this point.