WordPress: Building Child Themes

Today I completed the WordPress: Building Child Themes course on Lynda.com. This course, which I found to be very enlightening, was taught by Morten Rand-Hendriksen. One of the prerequisites for starting this course was to have a local WordPress installation running on your machine. To achieve this, I turned to the Bitnami WAMP stack to install a development web server on my PC. From there I was able to download the WordPress add-on Bitnami created for their WAMP stack and within minutes I was up-and-running.

I admittedly came into this course thinking, “So this is going to be a two-hour course on a topic that a quick Google search can resolve for me in five minutes?” The course started off with creating a simple child theme and ended with adding functionality to these child themes. This is what I was really interested in since I always found it difficult to correctly add a new menu in the theme. Morten covered these topics well and I walked away with answers to questions I’ve had over the past few years.

I’ll definitely apply what I learned today to a project for work tomorrow. I need to go back and correct some mistakes I made with the child theme I made previously and try to code some features a little more efficiently. As far as my own website goes, I’m almost tempted to make the main domain a WordPress-powered site again. Then I remind myself that I’m using the domain as an example of my skills in web design and simply using a subdirectory to host my WordPress powered blog.