WordPress Essential Training

I started taking the WordPress Essential Training course taught by Morten Rand-Hendriksen on Lynda.com. I have to admit that I found this course hard to get through given the years of experience I already have using WordPress. I powered through it in the hopes of learning something new but, overall, it was five hours of review.

Thankfully Morten made the pace of the course just fast enough to keep my attention for that time. It was also good to have a review of some of the terminology and functions of the open-source content management system. I find myself with nothing else to say on this subject.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle WordPress: Building Child Themes which is a course I’m excited about. A few months ago, I took a course on building WordPress themes using Adobe’s Dreamweaver but I find myself wanting to write my own themes from scratch. I feel that getting a good handle on creating child themes would help in understanding the development of themes.