Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sunday night I proudly proclaimed to my friends on Facebook that I had purchased my tickets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night. I was especially excited because seeing a Star Wars film on its opening day was on my bucket list since I was a kid. I came very close when Revenge of the Sith was released but I missed it by a day due to my family changing their plans at the last minute. I was immensely disappointed by this at the time because the understanding was that there would be no more Star Wars movies. Ten years later here we are with the beginning of the fabled sequel trilogy.
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The Dark Knight

Why So Serious?
-The Joke The Dark Knight

My day technically began at 12:01 this morning with me watching the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight. With Batman Begins being a grittier Batman film, I was really exited to see how Christopher Nolan portrayed the Joker. Heath Ledger played the best Joker I’ve ever seen and I knew Harvey Two-Face would be introduced in this one but I never thought that the storyline would be resolved by the end of the movie. It was an intense two-and-a-half hours of cinema!
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Iron Man

I’m sorry. This is the fun-vee. The hum-drum-vee is back there.
-Tony Stark Iron Man

I went to go see Iron Man in the theater today and all I can say is, “Wow!” I didn’t intend to even watch this movie but Travis had insisted that I go see it. “I want you to go watch this,” he had told me, “and keep in mind that I want you to be Tony Stark.” With that said I went to see the movie and was totally blown away! After watching movies like The Incredible Hulk and Superman I can’t really say I have a high opinion for super hero movies. It didn’t help Iron Man‘s cause that Tony Stark had a cameo at the end of The Incredible Hulk which was a movie I found painful to sit through.
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Haud Magis Latin

That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
-Walt Whitman

The day has gone and while I haven’t done anything about the Visual Basic I have begun the designs of a website for a friend of mine. I figure send off a few designs and see what he thinks. He wants to sell T-shirts and asked, since I was in the know, if I could help design the site. There are several questions he needs to answer (such as the cost of materials and distribution) while it’s up to me to figure out the hoops one has to jump through in order to establish a website.
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