A Poor Geek’s Impression of Office 365

When it was first announced that the next version of Microsoft Office would include a subscription-based option I was skeptical. I knew that I, for one, wouldn’t be buying into a product that I would have to pay for like a utility when I could just as easily buy the standalone version of the same product and own it forever. Why should I have to pay Microsoft $99 a year when I could just as easily install that copy of Office 2010 I have laying around or even something from the open source realm such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice?
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The Xbox Turn Around

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t in shock about this. I first started getting concerned for the next generation Xbox when Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth had a highly publicized exchange with a follower on Twitter regarding the then rumor of the “always on” internet connection requirement. A concern was raised regarding the difference in quality of connectivity in urban as opposed to rural areas. Orth was asked to consider people living in those rural areas, such as where I live, where connectivity is temperamental. The response from Orth wasn’t the smartest in the PR sense which was, “Why on earth would I live there?”

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Desert Senita Network Upgrade

Originally published in the January 23rd issue of the Ajo Copper News:

Desert Senita Community Health Center is in the process of relocating its computer server equipment with the help from Dave Entwistle, right, network specialist with El Rio Community Health Center, and local specialist Anthony Nogales. The duo and others worked over the weekend on the network cable changeover. Health Center CEO Fran Driver said it will be a couple more weeks before the new servers become operational.
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Split Screens and Personalities

I remember back in 2009 playing with the beta for Windows 7 thinking, “Wow! This is SO much better than Vista! This is Vista done right!” That was a phrase that stuck to Windows 7 for me all these years. Vista done right. The point to this is that when I was using Windows 7 I had the resource hog that was Vista to compare it to so, in essence, whatever came next could only be better. I can compare that to using Windows ME, which I grew up with, then making the move to Windows XP which was infinitely better. The problem is now that I’ve used and fell in love with Windows 7 the Windows 8 OS could, if the track record held, be another Windows ME and Vista. There seems to be this idea that every other OS that Microsoft releases is going to be garbage and while it’s too soon to tell I have a good feeling this isn’t the case with Windows 8.
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Windows Phone: The First 24 Hours

Two days ago I wrote about how excited I was about my Windows Phone coming in the mail. So yesterday I received it and set it up and so far the experience has been a positive one. Just to note that I’m approaching this HTC Trophy from Verizon the same way one might look back on the HTC Dream which is to say that this isn’t the end result of this product but rather just the beginning. That being said I’m of the opinion that this is a very good beginning!
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Radio Ajo: Humble Beginnings

Originally posted on Radio Ajo:

Months ago, a small group of Ajo community members gathered together at the Oasis Cafe to hatch the idea of an internet-based community radio station. Coffee works wonders in making the impossible seem plausible. The group researched the equipment needed for the project, along with logistical aspects such as studio set-up and internet access. Now the project is ready to grow legs. Aside from the new “Ajo Observer” site, the Ajo Copper News has been the major media source for news and events around the community. The paper does a great job of informing the community, as well as providing updates on programs and events. The community of Ajo certainly benefits from the Copper News. However, the paper cannot be expected to be a shared, community-owned communication tool. For that, we look to the possibilities in community radio.
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The Ajo Observer

By giving people the power to share we’re making the world more transparent.
-Mark Zuckerberg

I was recently asked, “Its so cool you made The Observer! What made you think of that?” My response was:

I guess it started in 2007, my senior year, when we were applying for scholarships. One of the questions we were asked was, ‘If we give you this money what will you give back to Ajo?’ Well I didn’t use the cash in time so I lost it but the question stuck with me. What can you give to the community?
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