Bootstrap 3 Essential Training

Today I finished the Bootstrap 3 Essential Training course with Ray Villalobos. From what I took away from this course, Bootstrap would make the chore of Responsive design a little easier but my feelings on this, like with JavaScript, are that the more experience I get the more comfortable I’ll be. One of the interesting points covered in the course was how you can arrange elements based on the breakpoints of the page. One could have elements displayed a certain way on monitors with a high resolution and a completely different way on mobile and low-resolution monitors.
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Responsive Design Fundamentals

Tonight I completed a short course titled Responsive Design Fundamentals instructed by my favorite of the instructors, so far, James Williamson. This course was only 2h 15m long and was basically an overview of the concepts that fueled responsive design. It was nice to have a basic overview of how this worked and the pros and cons of the various techniques of how to accomplish this. Admittedly, while I didn’t know anything going into the course, I found myself dreading the amount of work that goes into making a site properly responsive. With a bit of practice, I feel what I see today as a monumental task will eventually become second nature.
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TucsonJS: IoT Workshop with Losant

I had recently tweeted about my completing a course on JavaScript and this got a like from a group called TucsonJS. They describe themselves on Twitter as, “A recurring meetup for all things JavaScript in Tucson, Arizona.” Given how uncomfortable I am with my understanding of JavaScript, due to my lack of experience with it, I felt that joining one of their meetups could only be a good thing. Exposing myself to people who spoke fluent JavaScript can only help me become a better developer.
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Up and Running with Git and GitHub

I started the day off by taking one of this learning path’s shorter classes called Up and Running with Git and GitHub. This course was taught by Ray Villalobos and, while only weighing in at 1hr 21min, it was definitely one of the courses I utilized almost immediately. I finished the course, had some breakfast, then clocked into work and started using Git to track the changes I made to the website I’m working on. After using it for a few hours I begin to wonder how on earth I got by without it for all these years!
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jQuery Essential Training

I just completed the jQuery Essential Training course on With my barely being able to grasp what was happening in the JavaScript course, I can’t fault this course’s instructor Joe Marini with how I’m feeling walking out of it. As I previously wrote, it’s going to take time experimenting with JavaScript before I feel as comfortable with it as I do with HTML and CSS. As it stands, I walk out of this course knowing as much as I knew walking in.
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Archiving the Family Photos

I recently wrote about using CrashPlan as a means of backing up my data and as a layer of protection against CryptoLocker. A good chunk of that data consists of photographs I’ve taken over the years which, should my vast archive of data be lost, would be irreplaceable. A few years ago my friend Susan Sene gave me a Kodak EasyShare AiO printer of which I mostly utilized the scanner. At the time, I used the Kodak to scan in all of my grandparent’s photo albums so that there would be a backup in the event anything happened to the albums themselves.
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JavaScript Essential Training

I finished the JavaScript Essential Training course with Simon Allardice today. Admittedly, I entered this class excited because I knew nothing about JavaScript and I left the class struggling with some of the concepts. Rather than being discouraged by this, I take some comfort in what Allardice says early on saying something to the effect of, “You can watch all the videos and read all the books you want, it’s going to take experimenting with it before you get comfortable with JavaScript.”
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CrashPlan: Developing a Backup Strategy

I’m taking a quick break with my Front-End Web Developer learning path on to deal with a problem I’ve been putting off. Over the past two or so years, I’ve been paranoid about the possibility of my computer getting infected by a ransomware such as CryptoLocker. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been living on the edge over the past few years with no real backup solution in place. This places me in the most dangerous situation where the threat of CryptoLocker is at its greatest: without a backup of my data I would have to pay a ransom of $300 to regain access to it.
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HTML Essential Training

As I had expected, I completed the HTML Essential Training course on in a single day. It was mostly review at this point but I did learn some interesting things about HTML5. The one fact that stands out is that there seem to be two standards being developed by both the W3C and WHATWG. Perhaps “standards” isn’t the world I’m looking for but more of two philosophies. The W3C works to define a single, definitive standard while WHATWG considers HTML5 a “living standard” which is constantly being updated and improved. It gives me a vibe similar to Fedora and CentOS where the former is the test bed for new features while the latter is the stable, reliable standard if you need to rely on such.
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CSS: Core Concepts, Part 4

I somehow managed to stretch a nine-hour CSS course beyond three days. When I woke up this morning I was determined to finish this class so that I could at least try to get back on schedule. I’m pleased to say that I met this goal but the amount of information I had to absorb left me feeling a little fried. Not that I’m complaining, by the way. While my present situation leaves much to be desired, I’m glad I have an opportunity to utilize this time to solidify the skills I developed over the past few years.
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