The IT Guy: Evernote

This week I write about a piece of software called Evernote. There are programs that you don’t know you need until after you start using them and Evernote certainly falls under this category. For those of us that need to keep our projects organized over a variety of places I found that this program has helped keep me on track.

What is it exactly? Well its piece of productivity software aimed at organizing your notes over a variety of platforms. Before I would either jot something down in a notebook and have to remember to carry that notebook with me or either I’d open up Notepad.exe on one computer and save that note on that machines Desktop. Then I’d have to remember not only what note is where but I’d have to remember to copy it onto a flash drive if it was something I wanted to take with me. One alternative was to email myself notes but that was time consuming and then you have to pick out your notes from a long list of actual mail in your inbox. There had to be a better way!

Evernote is a simple to use program and to utilize its basic functionality costs nothing at all. The way it works is you first install the software you download from Evernote and choose the file appropriate to your platform. Not only is Apple and Microsoft available but Android and webOS is supported as well! Once the program is installed you’ll be prompted to setup an account.

What’s great about it? Well if you have Evernote installed on one machine the argument could be made that you now have a single place to easily access all your notes. You can search for keywords in your vast collection of notes but what really makes this program special is when you run it on multiple devices. It will keep all your notes synchronized across all your devices so you can keep yourself organized wherever you are.

I use Evernote on my desktop, laptop, and Android Smartphone. I’ve used it while building The Ajo Observer website. I would write down ideas or important pieces of information while at work or while hanging out at the Oasis Cafe. I even started using it at K-5 Enterprises as a way of replacing the infamous sticky notes that wallpaper the front counter. Not only does it cut back on paper waste but it also helps keep us on the same page. If I were to write a note stating a certain customer ordered a certain product then my coworkers would all be able to see that information and it won’t be lost in the wallpaper… as it were.

Give it a try! It’s free for the most part. More advanced features, such as allowing other Evernote users to modify shared Notebooks but for the average use I find the basic package is great enough.