The Condescending Cleaning Lady

This morning I was trying to find my way through the MGM Grand Hotel where the conference I was scheduled to attend for work was being held. After the adventure that was me trying to locate the registration room I finally got checked in and was handed my badge, reading material, and bag.

The next adventure was me trying to find the room where my training session was being held and luckily for me there were signs pointing me in the direction to go. I finally reached the end of the signs and the staff member holding it asked what room I was looking for. Feeling brilliant because I took a picture of my schedule so I wouldn’t have to carry it with me I whipped out my phone and soon realized that I had cut off the room number. I told the guy I wasn’t sure but I’d go look for it and thanked him.

I searched the first floor where the software vendor’s banners were displayed and couldn’t find my session. I went up an escalator and discovered the second floor was also decorated with the vendor’s banners. Noticing a pattern I went up a second escalator to the third floor where I discovered more banners. As I began looking at the different session names one of the cleaning ladies must have seen the confused look on my face and called over to me.

“What room is your session in?” she asked me.
“I don’t know,” I responded, “All I have is the session name. I haven’t found them downstairs…”
“Well what does it say in your book?” she interrupted.
“What book?” I asked as it began to dawn on me.
“You know the book in your bag with all the session names and room numbers,” she replied facetiously, “Maybe you can use that book to find out what room number your session is in? Here let me help you.”

I don’t think my face has ever been that red and I walked away from her with begrudging respect.