I was visiting the website of an old friend and noticed his last post was an excellent YouTube video he found inspiring and wanted to share. I wanted to download the video to add to my archives in the even the video was ever taken off YouTube but I noticed the plugin I used to download videos from that site could only download up to 720p. The reason for this being that YouTube has begun streaming all 1080p+ videos in their new DASH format which streams both audio and video separately and combines them in the browser. Video DownloadHelper couldn’t see the 1080p version of the video I want for archival purposes so I began to look for another plugin.
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The Flavor of a Favor

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my room doing some research on a brand of VoIP system when I heard a knocking on my door. My Nana stood there asking me if I was busy and, after telling her I was working on a project, asked what was up. She told me that the daughter of an old friend of hers had called asking if I could help setup a VCR to their new TV. She gave me her friend’s phone number and a few minutes later I was speaking to the friend’s daughter about the problem. It seems she bought a new TV for her mother and she couldn’t figure out how to connect the VCR/DVD player she purchased to the new TV. I told her I would be free later in the afternoon and we scheduled a time to meet.
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The Pi Price of Xbox Music

“Today is Pi day,” proclaimed practically everyone on my Facebook News Feed, “Today is 3/14/15 and at 9:26:53 AM the date and time will represent the first 10 digits of π!” Fascinating, though I’d have to say my enthusiasm for these dates and times with their special significance has worn thin. I spent the day ignoring all the hype and going about my usual Saturday business. It wasn’t until 11:40 PM that I was in bed browsing Reddit on my phone. It was in the Microsoft subreddit that I learned of an awesome promotion: an Xbox Music Pass subscription for $31.41 in celebration of Pi day.
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A couple of days ago I was reading a thread on Reddit detailing the cryptocoin miner in the most recent update of µTorrent. When the discussion turned to what alternatives to µTorrent others were using, the Transmission client I use was mentioned. This got my attention and deeper in the thread user fazzah suggested, “add flexget to your server if you download shows. Never have to look for new episodes on trackers again.” This intrigued me because I wondered how one would maintain quality control and how well that process worked. My brief experience on the torrent sites shows that you could download really low quality video all the way up to 1080p recordings. This got my curiosity juices flowing.
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Boys and Their Lasers

A week or so ago one of my friends at work approached me with a question: “You have a green laser, don’t you?” I told him that I did and he asked me if I wanted to take part in an experiment with him. The recent storms we experienced had provided us with several cloudy evenings and so we decided we would take our respective lasers and see if they were visible from each other’s homes. Given that we lived a half-mile from one another it sounded like something fun we could try. Considering how much more powerful the green lasers are to their red counterparts I thought I would at least see something.
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