Kali Linux: Recon

Today’s video covered the details of the reconnaissance process and how Kali fit into that process. The concept this video was trying to drive home was the critical step of gathering information on your target and one of the points that it made was that one doesn’t need to hack anything to get an information on your target. In that regard, one of the first topics they discussed was open source intelligence which is usually shorted to OSINT.
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Kali Linux: Penetration Testing

I had hoped that today the course would start covering the use of some of the tools in Kali but I was mistaken. It seems I wasn’t alone because the instructors addressed this partway through one of the videos. He said that this was just going to be an overview of some of the tools and we’d be getting to use some of them later on. Admittedly, I think it was a little too optimistic for me to expect the course to dive right in and I’m still pretty much at the beginning. Now with my expectations adjusted I can move forward.
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Kali Linux: Creating the Lab Environment

The day ended up being shorter than I thought it would be mostly because Lowe’s ended up keeping me a few hours later than scheduled, which wasn’t really a problem. When I got home I finished watching the video on Configuring Kali Linux which was basically a thirty-five minute video detailing how to download, install, and update Kali along with configuring the network interface. This video felt longer simply because I already knew how to do all of the things they discussed, but I still sat through it in case there was some detail that I may have missed that would be worth knowing. As I got closer to the end of the video I began to accept that there was nothing new for me here. I ended up feeling like Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia.
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Kali Linux: Day One

I had checked my email yesterday morning and found a message from ITPro.tv letting me know that my year subscription had renewed. I had intended to cancel my subscription because of how little I had used it last year. I had originally purchased a subscription at an incredible deal and hoped to use it to help get my certifications. I found I was way too busy this past year with the move to Tucson, and the job hunt to really focus on getting this done. I had toyed with the idea of getting a refund but, after thinking about it, I resolved to make this a goal of mine: to utilize my subscription to the fullest.
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The Firewall for Your Wallet

I was having coffee with my friend, Kyle Moore, the other morning when the topic of RFID technology came up. We talked about how the proliferation of RFID was making life easier in the retail space but there were some dark sides to it as well. We touched on the subject of RFID in your credit cards and how bad guys had the ability to scan those without you even knowing. It was at this point that I brought up my brief history with the Armadillo Dollar.
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Lowe’s Home Improvement

I had recently been searching for a second job to help supplement my income and, while doing so, discovered that Lowe’s Home Improvement was hiring for seasonal positions. While I had interviewed for the Garden Center, I was hired for the Electrical department, and ended up being assigned to the Seasonal department. Some have asked me how I felt about this and I say that, frankly, after having worked the past few years behind a desk, I was glad to have a job that would be a little more physically demanding. In the last few months I had put on a few more pounds that I’m not thrilled to have so I relish the opportunity to work those off and get paid to do it! Thinking that this job may turn out like American Home, and it has, I would be getting into shape pretty quick.
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