Watercolors Don’t Pay Water Bills

Years ago I was living in Ajo, and at the time some friends and I made it our custom to stop by the Oasis Café after work to wind down with a soda and great company. The town’s plaza provided a most relaxing backdrop even on the hottest summer days and we would talk about technology, video games, customers we’d dealt with that day and so on. This group of friends and I would often vent about customers we’ve dealt with or about whatever was happening in town. Ajo is such a small community that anytime someone moves into town it is noted by many of it’s citizens. When someone talks about an encounter with so-and-so we have an idea of who that person is.
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Won’t the Real Slim Hard Drive Please Stand Up

Yesterday I wrote about the debacle of finding the correct external hard drive for me to extract an 2TB SATA drive. With the Western Digital unit having its USB interface soldered onto the drive itself, I was forced to return the drive to WalMart and found a Seagate external drive with the standard interface I required. To quote Han Solo (and a variety of other characters), “This is where the fun begins.”
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The External’s Internal Interface Debacle

I have a two family members who are always on the open road but return to Tucson every six weeks to spend some time at home. Being away from home for that length of time presents its own set of challenges and some of the technical ones I’ve enjoyed tackling. For instance: these relatives have a massive DVD collection yet can only take a practical amount with them on each trip for entertainment. My solution was to liberate their movies from their DVD prisons and save backups of their movies on their 2TB external hard drive. This drive would then be connected to their laptop and would feed into their Kodi media center.
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