Bootstrap 3 Essential Training

Today I finished the Bootstrap 3 Essential Training course with Ray Villalobos. From what I took away from this course, Bootstrap would make the chore of Responsive design a little easier but my feelings on this, like with JavaScript, are that the more experience I get the more comfortable I’ll be. One of the interesting points covered in the course was how you can arrange elements based on the breakpoints of the page. One could have elements displayed a certain way on monitors with a high resolution and a completely different way on mobile and low-resolution monitors.

I’m currently working on redesigning my website to act as more of an online resume than a blog. To that end, I’ve opted to not use WordPress and instead code this new site from scratch so that my website can be an honest reflection of my skills. I’m not interested in coding a CMS from scratch, however, so my blog has already been moved to a subdirectory of That said, I’m definitely thinking I’ll be using Bootstrap on this new site of mine. We’ll see how all this goes but, at this point, I only have two more courses to go which I will knock out tomorrow!