Xbox Live Crests: The Reign of obiwankenogi

I was watching Windows Weekly (497: Go for the Donut!) tonight and in Paul Thurrott’s Tip of the Week segment he mentioned Xbox Game Crest, an Xbox Live feature that displayed your account’s stats for the past year. The feature is located on a page called The Reign of You which I immediately went to check out.

While the site allowed you to customize your crest however you liked, I opted to keep my crest as Xbox Live designed it. This is probably the reason I have honor listed as one of my achievements in 2016. Not only did the site create the crest for you but it also allows you to download a JPG of the crest to share with others. If I owned a blazer, I’d probably see if I could get the crest embroidered on it but I don’t own a blazer so I won’t be doing that.

Breaking Down the Crest

Apart from having a cool looking crest for your accomplishments this year on Xbox Live, the Reign of You page broke down each part of the crest and provided a brief description of what it stood for.

One of the first things that drew my attention on the crest was the Latin phrase Victoria Amit Fortis which, per the site, translates to, “Victory Loves the Strong”. The description also added, “If it loved the weak, that wouldn’t make sense.” Fair point, Microsoft. Fair point.



You’d do some serious damage on the track in real life. #pedaltothemetal

It’s a good thing Xbox Live doesn’t track how I drive in real life. Even if it did, my occasional excessive speeds are due more to a lead foot rather than a need for speed.



You are made entirely out of ’80s power metal ballads and cool explosions.

Being a product of the late 80s I can understand why Xbox Live would think this of me. However, the “cool explosions” in my life are mostly dietary in nature.

Three Stars


You’re famous on the Internet. You might even be famous IRL.

Perhaps you’ve heard of me? I’m the guy with that blog. wink



You’re intimidating because you could go either way: you could do some serious damage, or you could sit there and keep eating berries.

Any time someone compares me to a bear, all I can think of is the LGBT subculture before something like Ursus arctos (aka the brown bear). It seems there was a period in my life where I could either blow up or just sit there eating. Lately it seems to be the latter.

New School


You’re here to win.

Don’t tell me what I’m here to do! Actually, being a casual gamer I’m here to kill time.



Messing with you is generally a mistake people make only once, and it’s a mistake that haunts them for decades.

I guess ferocity sounds better than what I really am: simmering at worst but usually mellow.



You stand for righteousness and orphaned kittens, and have a serious bone to pick with the person who is responsible for orphaning those kittens.

True to a tee. I guess it’s a Jedi thing?



Listen. There’s a huge deficit of excellence and you’re here to take care of that deficit.

I’m here to be excellent and chew bubble-gum… and I’m all out of gum.



Because no one ever got anywhere by sitting around in the starting zone.

I spent four years sitting in the starting zone that is Ajo, AZ. I’ve moved on.



Your team would be completely useless without you, and they look up to you. It’s supercute.

This I disagree with. Alone I can go fast but together we can go far! Or “Live together, die alone” for you Lost fans reading this.


Not having spent much time playing my Xbox this year, I was surprised that my stats were as good as they were. I earned a total of 1020 points to my total Gamerscore this year which ranks me in the top 34% of the Xbox Community. The strange about this is that last year I was in the top 76% of the community but I remember playing more during that time. Perhaps I’m not remembering the past correctly? Or maybe I’m so bad that my score benefits from my absence?

The average amount of achievements unlocked by the community this year was around 55 and I unlocked 48. I don’t remember having done anything of the sort but who am I to argue? My most played game was Grand Theft Auto V and this I know to be true. My obsession with the Rockstar title is well known to those who listen. At this stage in my GTA love story, I’m spending more time playing it on PC than I am on my Xbox but even so it’s come out on top.

I think this is a cool little feature to add to Xbox Live and I hope they keep it around for next year! Looking at the CategoriesGamesTags