The Ubuntu Experience

I spent the better part of 2017 using Ubuntu on my primary desktop at home and it was, for the most part, a good experience. I was relieved to be off of Windows if only to help mitigate the risk of losing my data to ransomware, especially while I was scrambling to find a new backup solution after CrashPlan decided to screw over users. On top of that, I was excited to be trying something new and to work through some of the challenges that would come from using a dramatically different OS. Due to some of my favorite applications not being available on Linux, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe’s Creative Cloud, I would have to rethink how I went about using these applications.

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Ubuntu! I Choose You!

I had, in the past, made attempts to leave Windows behind as I moved into the world of Linux. Each of those attempts lasted no longer than a week or two before I found myself popping in a Windows 7 DVD into my computer to return to a familiar place. Knowing this, I was determined to not return to Windows. Where before my motivation at first was me wanting to be one of the “cool Linux guys”, this time around it was my frustration with the direction Microsoft was taking Windows was my driving force.

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Microsoft Windows: A Love Story

I still remember my first reaction to installing the Windows 8 beta when it was first released in early 2012. Upon seeing the lack of a Start Menu and no File Explorer shell I panicked and uninstalled the beta and installed Fedora Linux. After about two weeks of using Fedora I realized that too much of what I did on my computer relied on applications like the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office (not to mention gaming on Steam) and Fedora was not compatible with any of it. It was at this time I decided I’d have a new rule when trying something out: use it for two weeks before forming an opinion.
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Nintendo Switch: The First Look

Two days ago, Nintendo gave the world its first look at their new console: Nintendo Switch. My first impression was rather underwhelmed, but thinking back on the recent years, Nintendo hasn’t excited me with their hardware since they announced the Nintendo Revolution. They may have once been a titan in the home console market but I don’t feel 2016 Nintendo’s Wii-U is comparable to the current Xbox and PlayStation consoles. That said, it should be noted that Nintendo’s hand-held 3DS is outselling the competition by at least 15.9 million units. Knowing that their strength is in the hand-held market, it makes me wonder if those sales figures influenced Nintendo’s design of the Switch.
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WordPress: Building Child Themes

Today I completed the WordPress: Building Child Themes course on This course, which I found to be very enlightening, was taught by Morten Rand-Hendriksen. One of the prerequisites for starting this course was to have a local WordPress installation running on your machine. To achieve this, I turned to the Bitnami WAMP stack to install a development web server on my PC. From there I was able to download the WordPress add-on Bitnami created for their WAMP stack and within minutes I was up-and-running.
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ITT Tech: Shutdown -s -f

It was just a few weeks ago that ITT Technical Institute made the news after the US Department of Education banned the for-profit “college” from enrolling new students who used federal financial aid. Today I read that ITT Tech is closing its doors permanently and, frankly, all I could think was, “Good riddance.” After everything I’ve heard in the years leading up to this from friends who have gone to ITT, it’s hard to feel bad about seeing them go away.
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Become a Front-End Web Developer

I have finally completed the Become a Front-End Web Developer learning path on! I was tempted to make this post’s featured image a screenshot of Frodo and Sam on the slopes of Mount Doom after they destroyed the ring thinking to myself, “It’s over. It’s done.” Then I thought about it some more and I realized, to quote Count Dooku in his duel with Yoda on Geonosis, “This is just the beginning!”
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