ITT Tech: Shutdown -s -f

It was just a few weeks ago that ITT Technical Institute made the news after the US Department of Education banned the for-profit “college” from enrolling new students who used federal financial aid. Today I read that ITT Tech is closing its doors permanently and, frankly, all I could think was, “Good riddance.” After everything I’ve heard in the years leading up to this from friends who have gone to ITT, it’s hard to feel bad about seeing them go away.
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No Man’s Sky: Failure on Launch

A few months ago I found myself with an urge to play Tachyon: The Fringe, a game published by NovaLogic in 2000. It, apart from Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, remains one of my favorite space combat sims to day but its age is showing. I thought to myself, “Surely someone would have created a better space combat game since then…” A Google search eventually led me to a game still in development called No Man’s Sky.
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Networks of Mass Distraction: Google+

The final social network I wanted to write about in this series came from Google who released its interest-based social network Google+ in December of 2011. I was excited to have the Facebook competitor upon us and it wasn’t long before I announced my intentions to leave Facebook. I even went so far as to change my profile photo on Facebook to reflect this. I would move back into Facebook a month or two later but I still feel it deserves a mention.
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Networks of Mass Distraction: Facebook

Yesterday I had gone into some detail about my experiences with MySpace and what drove me away from it to Facebook. Where MySpace suffered from some poor design choices and stagnated due to its corporate overlords, Facebook had proved that it was willing to give users features they wanted. During those early days, Facebook was relatively unpopulated by my family and friends from MySpace. Over time I began to reconnect with those MySpace contacts on Facebook where we had a much better platform to communicate over.
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Networks of Mass Distraction: MySpace

I had written yesterday about the reasons behind my decision to disconnect from Facebook. In reality, it’s more about disengaging from social media in general. I find social networks are useful tools for staying up-to-date with friends and family but I began to see I was spending far too much time engaging all the while not accomplishing tasks I set for myself. While the tragedy in Orlando may have been the catalyst for my departure, the true reasons for my wanting to take a break have more to do with the distractions Facebook provided in general.
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A Man Has No Name

I remember first starting up my Facebook account late in September of 2007 at Travis Merrick’s insistence. In those days I remember thinking that MySpace would be the only social network I would ever need and that Facebook wouldn’t even come close to having as many users. A few months later, I remember there being a sort of mass exodus from MySpace as people began adopting Facebook. Eight years later, MySpace has gone through a number of different owners and has practically been forgotten and Facebook is the home of over a billion active users.
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April Fool’s Pranks

“April Fool’s Day is the one day of the year when people critically evaluate news articles before accepting them as true.”

Perhaps it’s because I worked from 2AM to 7AM, and that during those hours no one is in the mood to joke around, or perhaps it was simply tamer this year, but I didn’t even pick up that it was April Fools today. In fact, had it not been for a Reddit post depicting a sticky note reading “April Fools! :D” having been applied over the optical sensor of a mouse, I might have forgotten about it altogether. Of course I immediately shared that mouse prank with my friends in IT with the encouraging message, “Today is the day, Satan!”
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sunday night I proudly proclaimed to my friends on Facebook that I had purchased my tickets to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night. I was especially excited because seeing a Star Wars film on its opening day was on my bucket list since I was a kid. I came very close when Revenge of the Sith was released but I missed it by a day due to my family changing their plans at the last minute. I was immensely disappointed by this at the time because the understanding was that there would be no more Star Wars movies. Ten years later here we are with the beginning of the fabled sequel trilogy.
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