Archiving the Family Photos

I recently wrote about using CrashPlan as a means of backing up my data and as a layer of protection against CryptoLocker. A good chunk of that data consists of photographs I’ve taken over the years which, should my vast archive of data be lost, would be irreplaceable. A few years ago my friend Susan Sene gave me a Kodak EasyShare AiO printer of which I mostly utilized the scanner. At the time, I used the Kodak to scan in all of my grandparent’s photo albums so that there would be a backup in the event anything happened to the albums themselves.
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Going on an Adventure

It has officially been a year since I moved from Ajo back to Tucson. This was a move I had originally made in 2008 just months after my high school graduation. Having enrolled at Pima Community College and found work at American Home the future seemed bright! Suddenly the housing bubble had burst and I, working in a business that relied heavily on the housing market, found myself out of work due to American Home filing for bankruptcy. Unable to continue paying for school, I said goodbye to all the new friends I had made and retreated to Ajo to wait out the Great Recession.
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Watercolors Don’t Pay Water Bills

Years ago I was living in Ajo, and at the time some friends and I made it our custom to stop by the Oasis Café after work to wind down with a soda and great company. The town’s plaza provided a most relaxing backdrop even on the hottest summer days and we would talk about technology, video games, customers we’d dealt with that day and so on. This group of friends and I would often vent about customers we’ve dealt with or about whatever was happening in town. Ajo is such a small community that anytime someone moves into town it is noted by many of it’s citizens. When someone talks about an encounter with so-and-so we have an idea of who that person is.
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Lowe’s Home Improvement

I had recently been searching for a second job to help supplement my income and, while doing so, discovered that Lowe’s Home Improvement was hiring for seasonal positions. While I had interviewed for the Garden Center, I was hired for the Electrical department, and ended up being assigned to the Seasonal department. Some have asked me how I felt about this and I say that, frankly, after having worked the past few years behind a desk, I was glad to have a job that would be a little more physically demanding. In the last few months I had put on a few more pounds that I’m not thrilled to have so I relish the opportunity to work those off and get paid to do it! Thinking that this job may turn out like American Home, and it has, I would be getting into shape pretty quick.
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Farewell to Betty

One of the phrases I grew tired of hearing this week from some of the snow birds was, “Typical Ajo.” Yes, I understand that our community has its shortcomings due to being so remote but you chose to come here. At one point I had a guy about my age throw that “Typical Ajo” phrase in my face and I had half a mind to tell him that there were two roads leading out of town and he was free to take either one. I held my tongue though. See that? Maturity.
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Dusting Off That Old RadioShack Uniform

I arrived in Ajo last Thursday intending to stay until Sunday afternoon, but my visit to K-5 Enterprises changed those plans for the better. My friend Tony Montes asked if I was willing to help out at the store for a week and, given my present work situation, I was more than willing! As my day started, after an intense morning at another job, I was excited to put on my old RadioShack uniform and check-in to K-5 Enterprises. It didn’t take long for me to get caught up with the changes to the processes since I had left back in 2012. In fact I had described it to Tony as being, “like riding a bike.” In fact it was pretty cool to see the way things had progressed in the three years since I left.
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After work today I stopped by the grocery store to see what I could find for dinner. Once I gathered my food, like the modern-day hunter-gatherer I grew up to be, I chose to bypass the long lines of the 15 Items or Less counters and instead made my way to the less occupied standard checkout counters. I arrived to find a woman debating the price of something with the clerk. Following the Duchess of Coupons was an elderly man patiently waiting with his groceries already on the conveyor. Seeing me approach the man silently placed the divider bar between his groceries and mine. I smiled and thanked him and patiently waited while the woman ahead of us continued to press her case.
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Back to That Familiar Place

Wow. It has been 46 days since my last post… Well enough of that. I’ve been very busy this past month-and-a-half dealing with work and such that I haven’t had time to write. Regardless I have spent some time looking over my website and feeling that something wasn’t quite right about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it until one night I had a realization: I wanted it to be more than it was supposed to be.
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The Flavor of a Favor

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my room doing some research on a brand of VoIP system when I heard a knocking on my door. My Nana stood there asking me if I was busy and, after telling her I was working on a project, asked what was up. She told me that the daughter of an old friend of hers had called asking if I could help setup a VCR to their new TV. She gave me her friend’s phone number and a few minutes later I was speaking to the friend’s daughter about the problem. It seems she bought a new TV for her mother and she couldn’t figure out how to connect the VCR/DVD player she purchased to the new TV. I told her I would be free later in the afternoon and we scheduled a time to meet.
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Boys and Their Lasers

A week or so ago one of my friends at work approached me with a question: “You have a green laser, don’t you?” I told him that I did and he asked me if I wanted to take part in an experiment with him. The recent storms we experienced had provided us with several cloudy evenings and so we decided we would take our respective lasers and see if they were visible from each other’s homes. Given that we lived a half-mile from one another it sounded like something fun we could try. Considering how much more powerful the green lasers are to their red counterparts I thought I would at least see something.
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