Gmail: The Monster I Created

Were I to be deeply ashamed of three lies I’ve told people they are, in order of shame, the following:

  • I love you.
  • I’ll call you sometime.
  • This is the last email account I’m setting up.

Today I spent much of the day tackling my Gmail problem… which is really more of a me problem. Over the past three years I’ve created multiple Gmail accounts because I was never satisfied with my original user name. During that time my taste had changed from wanting to have a cool and hip username to not wanting to be embarrassed when I give out my email to professionals. For someone to not take me seriously all I have to say is, “My email address is”
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My WordPress Backup Solution

I had posted earlier on Twitter about my website being down for a few minutes. I described the experience as “nerve-racking” but was thankful that GoDaddy’s customer support was quick to respond to my problem. The most troubling part of this experience for me is that neither I nor GoDaddy have any idea why my site went down in the first place. What made the situation grimmer was that all the work that I had recently posted on the site wasn’t backed up.
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Snow Leopard Server: Wiki

When I was in elementary school I have vivid memories of my friends and me playing Star Wars during recess. We’d be shooting at each other with invisible blasters and deflecting those shots with invisible lightsabers. I, being elected the ‘bad guy’ would stand on the bridge of an invisible star destroyer, which to any outsider would look more like a tree, and attempt to thwart my friends in their X-wings over on the swing set. When life forced us to outgrow such childish things we turned to creative writing as an outlet for our imaginations and thus throughout junior high, high school, and my early years of college we would write and share stories of our characters exploits in the various universes they inhabited.
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An Old OS Is New Again

A few years ago I was given a Mac Mini with Snow Leopard installed. Up to that point I had created Hackintoshes to do anything that only an OS X app could do. While it was fun hacking together a working OSx86 machine it was nice to finally not have to worry about tracking down kexts from every corner of the internet in order to get a machine that sometimes only partially functioned (depending on the hardware). I had, at the time, bought into the myth that Apple’s offerings were far superior to anything available on the Windows or even open-source market. The more I used OS X the more flaws I began to see but much of it was so trivial that I chose to not hyperbolize the issues the way Apple did with the flaws of Windows during their famous, though disingenuous, Get a Mac campaign.
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Holiday Angel Wish Tree 2014

Every year organizations in Ajo put on the Angel Wish Tree program and every time I come across one of these trees I look through them curious about what the kids are asking for. This year one of these trees was located at work. I was casually looking it over when I found one that just belonged to me. I normally can’t afford to buy Christmas presents but when I saw this I thought, “Yes. This one is mine.”
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Learning C#

A few days ago I ordered a copy of Learning C# 3.0 by Jesse Liberty and Brian MacDonald on Amazon. One of the snags I first encounter was that the book called for Visual Studio 2008 Express and what I currently have installed on my desktop is Visual Studio 2013. Thinking that there wouldn’t me much difference between the two I tried pressing on but soon discovered that there was no way I’d be able to follow along. Visual Studio 2013 was a totally different animal than 2008 and one of the differences I could see right off the bat was that 2013 seemed to be geared towards the whole Universal App mantra Microsoft is currently pushing.
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Warcraft III: Battle of Ogre Mounds

I failed to achieve victory.

I had this urge today to play Warcraft III which I haven’t done in years now. It surprises me that so much time has gone by since I played this game which was one of my childhood favorites. While I still had the box I couldn’t find the damn CD anywhere so I hopped onto Blizzard’s website and bought a copy of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for $10 apiece.
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Surface RT

I have this thing where I don’t make a lot of money so when a new toy is unleased upon the hungry masses I tend to have to wait a year or three in order for the price to go down far enough where I can afford it. Late last week I was on eBay and I noticed that one vendor had a special on the original Surface RT tablet. $189 for a 64GB refurbished model which at the time seemed like a steal for me. A bonus was that they offered a $109 Type Cover for $50 when bundled with the purchase of a Surface. I had made a mistake when checking out and even though the purchase wasn’t technically bundled manufacturer_certified, the vendor, made me a deal where if I bought the Type Cover for the full price they would refund me $60. I thought that was pretty cool of them.
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